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Regional Outreach Mission

Regional Outreach Mission

RISE Center Partners with Allegheny County Department of Health for Health Emergency Response Training

The Department of Health provides training in Hospital Emergency Response Training (HERT). This Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) training course prepares individuals to address mass casualty incidents.  Undergraduate senior-level nursing students taking the Community Health course worked alongside Dept. of Health employees to receive information and provide opportunities to simulate HAZMAT and triage situations.  This project was initiated and organized by Dr. Janice Sarasnick


RISE Partners with UPMC to provide STOP the Bleed Course

The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) trauma center began an initiative to train trainers to provide needed education on how to stop someone from bleeding out, in an emergency.  A person can bleed to death in as little as five minutes. RMU was the first nursing school in the region to adopt and start teaching the Stop the Bleed course.  This course is meant to teach the lay public the safe and effective use of new tourniquets that are rapidly being adopted around the USA. RMU Community Health course students participated and completed the course and are now qualified to help work with other Stop the Bleed trainers to provide needed community education. This initiative was initiated and organized by Dr. Janice Sarasnick.


RISE Provides Needed American Heart Training

RMU is a training site for the American Heart Association (AHA) basic life support, Heartsaver and the pediatric emergency assessment, recognition and stabilization (PEARS) course.  Instructors within the RISE Center provide health care providers with needed CPR and basic life support training.  The laypeople, who require certification, may obtain the Heartsaver course, which includes CPR training, using an automatic external defibrillator (AED), and first aid training for medical, injury, and environmental emergencies.  All nursing students enrolled in the undergraduate pediatric nursing course completes the Pediatric Emergency Assessment, Recognition and Stabilization (PEARS) course.  The PEARS Course helps healthcare providers develop knowledge in how to care for respiratory distress, shock, and cardiac arrest.  Practice is aimed at developing mastery level abilities to provide competent CPR, use of AED, and the ability to use a bag valve mask respiratory device.  Dr. Janice Sarasnick heads up this initiative.


RISE Collaborate with the University of Pittsburgh and Heritage Valley Residency Program

The collaboration between the Beaver Valley Medical residency program, the University of Pittsburgh’s pharmacy program, and RMU’s Doctors of Nurse Practitioners (DNP) allowed for interdisciplinary training.  The scenarios focused on intimate partner violence and end-stage liver/hospice, and post-partum depression scenarios.  This project was initiated and organized by Dr. Kirstyn Kameg.


RMU Collaborates with Black Men’s Leadership Development Institute (BMLDI)

Eighty teenage black men visited the RISE Center to explore and learn how to do CPR and provide basic first aid.  This one day summer project brought participants to RMU and encouraged future partnerships between RMU and BMLDI. This program was initiated and organized by Dr. Chester (Chet) Thompson.