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These are the courses offered at RISE. They are listed in alphabetical order. Select a course name below to find more information and signup for that course. Use the grouping options to group courses by specific criteria.

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All Courses
Haunted Hospital (Haunted Hospital)
ACLS - New Participants (ACLS - New Participa)
ACLS for the Professional - Renewal (Renewal - ACLS)
AIME grant (AIME grant)
BLS - New Participants (BLS-New Participants)
BLS - Renewal (BLS - Renewal)
Chest Tube Station (Chest Tube Station)
Clinical Orientation Training (Clin Orientation Training)
Comprehensive Readiness Program (CMR Program)
DNP open lab (DNP Open Lab)
DNP project (DNP project)
DNP Simulation (DNP Simulation)
Education Simulation Experience (Educ. Sim. Exper.)
ENGR 2510 - Biomedical Engineering Princ (ENGR2510-Biomed Eng Princ)
Head Nurse Training (Head Nurse Training)
Heritage Valley Family Medicine Residency (HVHS Fam. Med. Residency)
Heritage Valley Health Systems Interdisciplinary Professional Education Collaborative Simulation Experience (HVHS IPEC Sim Experience)
HESI Senior Exams (HESI Senior Exams)
Hospital Emergency Response Training for Mass Casualty Incidents (HERT-Emergency Training)
HSIC 8010 Clinical Teams and Teamwork (DNP Teams)
Limbs and Things Demo (Limbs and Things Demo)
March2College Day (March2College Day)
Media Arts Student's Suturing video (Media Arts Student)
Miscellaneous Training (MISC. Training)
NLN Veteran Research Project (NLN Veteran Research)
NMED3008 - Radiopharmacy Techniques-12 lead ECG (NMED3008 - ECG)
NMED3050 Pharmacology (NMED3050 Pharmacology)
Nuclear Medicine Introduction to the Hospital Environment (NMED 2001 Intro Hosp Env)
NURS 9215 Psychiatric Diagnosis and Practicum (DNP Psych)
NURS 9270/9275 Managment of Adult II (NURS9270 DNP Adult II)
NURS 9310 Management of Psychiatric Disorders Across the Lifespan I. (NURS9310- Mgt Psych Life)
NURS2015-Pathopysiology (NURS2015-Pathophysiology)
NURS2020 - Nursing Assessment and Health Promotions (NURS2020-Nurs Assessment)
NURS2021 - Nursing Assessment Health Promotion LAB (NURS2021 - Assess Lab)
NURS2060 - Nursing Care of the Aging Adult (NURS2060 - Geriatrics)
NURS2060 Nursing Care of the Older Adult (NURS2060 Older Adult)
NURS3015 - Foundations of Nursing Practice (NURS3015-Foundations)
NURS3016 - Foundations of Nursing Practice LAB (NURS3016 - Foundation Lab)
NURS3020 - Management Of Adult I (NURS3020-Med/Surg I)
NURS3050 - Nurs Care-Mothers/Newborns/Fam (NURS3050-Ob/Gyne)
NURS3055 - Nursing Care-Children/Families (NURS3055-Pediatrics)
NURS4015 - Comm Hlth/Hlth Prom Thry Prac (NURS4015-Community)
NURS4020 - Adv Management Of Adult II (NURS4020-Med/Surg II)
NURS4025 - Nursing Care-Psychiatric Client (NURS4025-Psych)
NURS4026 Nursing Care Psychiatric Clinical (NURS4026 Psych Clinical)
NURS4031 - Transitions to Professional Practice (NURS4031-Transitions)
NURS7800 - MSN Nursing Education (NURS 7800 - MSN Educ.)
NURS8020 - DNP Research Theory (NURS8020-DNP Research)
NURS8040 - Clinical Teams I (NURS8040 - Clin Teams I)
NURS8120 Health Promotion/ Clinical Prevention (NURS8120 Health Promo)
NURS8130 - DNP Advance Physical Assessment (NURS8130-Adv. Assessment)
NURS8210 Health Law and Ethics (NURS8210 Health Law/Ethic)
NURS8230-Clinical Genetics (NURS8230 - DNP Genetics)
NURS9010 BioPsych (NURS9010 BioPsych)
NURS9125 - DNP Health Assessment of Children and Adolescent (NURS9125-DNP Peds Health )
NURS9140-Diagnosis & Management of Health Care Conditions in Children (NURS9140 - DNP Child Cond)
NURS9160 - DNP Clinical Diagnostic (NURS9160 - DNP Clin. Dx.)
NURS9170 - Diagnosis/Mgt Of Adults I Practicum (NURS9170 - Mngmt Adult I)
NURS9210 - Psychiatric Diagnosis (NURS9210-Psych Diagnosis)
NURS9220 - Diagnosis and Management of Geriatric Clients (NURS9220-DNP Geriatrics)
NURS9230 Psychiatric Diagnos Prac (NURS9230 Psy Dx Prac DNP)
NURS9275 - DNP Management of Adult II (NURS9275-DNP Adult II)
NURS9311 Family Practice (NURS9311)
NURS9320 (NURS9320 Mgt Psych Dis II)
NURS9330 Individual Therapy (NURS9330 Individ Therapy)
NURS9410 Psych Considerations Geriatric Populations (NURS9410 Psych Geri)
NURS9510 Family Therapy (NURS9510 - Family Therapy)
NURS9610 Practice Mgt Issues/Role Integ (NURS9610 Practice Mgt)
NURS9620 Appl Evid Based Prac Hlth Cre (NURS9620 Capstone)
Open Lab (Open Lab)
Orientation to the RISE Center (Orientation )
PEARS - Pediatric Emergency Assessment Recognition & Stabilization (PEARS - AHA Course)
PRIMES grant (PRIMES grant)
Psych Med Surg Research (Psych Med Surg Research)
Rapid Response Team Concepts (Rapid Response)
Regional Outreach Program (Regional Outreach Program)
Research (Research)
RISE Center Staff Meeting (RISE Center Staff Meeting)
RISE Center Video Filming (Filming)
RISE Center Visitor Tour (Tour)
RISE on the Road! (RISE on the Road!)
RMU Regional RISE Center Tours (Scheduled Tours)
RMU University event (RMU event)
RRT/First 5 Minutes (RRT/First 5 Minutes)
School of Nursing Tutoring Services (SON Tutoring)
Sexual Assault Examination (SAE)
Simulation Summer institute (Sim Summer Institute)
Skills Lab - Doctorate (Skills Lab - DNP)
Skills Lab - Graduate (Skills Lab-Graduate)
Skills Lab - Nuclear Medicine - Undergraduates (Skills Lab-Nuc. Med.)
Skills Lab - Undergraduate (Skills Lab - BSN)
SNHS Miscellaneous (SNHS Misc.)
Standardized Patients (Std. Patients)
Team Strategies & Tools to Enhance Performance of Patient Safety (TeamSTEPPS)
The First 5 Minutes (The First 5 Minutes)
Wellness 1030 - CPR/First Aid (Well1030-CPR/1st Aid)